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Full Body Massage


Literally speaking, a Full body massage is one of the most significant massages in spa world, which generally acts as a natural healer to all people and could cure your prolonged agony and perhaps bring peace to entire body via physically and mentally. So, if you are a health conscious person, then this massage is the best choice to maintain your health in a proper way. This massage can readily eliminate some of the problems which you may experience in your daily life, such as agony, insomnia, anxiety, etc,.

This Full-body massage follows various procedures like kneading, stretching, wringing, etc, which induces proper blood circulation as well as eliminates the toxins and wastes from our body. It generally relieves a person from joint stiffness and encourages free flow of energy all over the body.

Message Therapy

Relaxed woman receiving a back massage in a Spa center

Message therapy was popular in China, Japan, Arab, Egypt, Rome, Greece and India since ancient time for its promotion to better health. It then spread to Europe and United States during the Renaissance period. Now the world use massage for relaxation, relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and for general wellness.

At lollipop massage, we offer massages that enhance your sexual experience. The massages will expand your senses, deepen the connection between you and your partner and improve your sex lives.


Yoni Massage


When we speak about Yoni massage, “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word which literally means a “Sacred Space or a Temple”, but when it comes to Tantra, the word “Yoni Massage” stands for “Vaginal Massage”, which is mainly designed to give a woman a spiritual glory with her feminine core as well as to enhance the intimacy of the women to her partner.

Most of us think that this massage is an sexual massage done on female to enjoy orgasm, but it is not. It is mainly done to acquire control over their sexuality and perhaps to give the pleasure which she has not experienced before. The idea behind this massage is to unwind both say the trainer and the women; sometimes the receiver tend to have orgasm during this massage, which is a positive sign that make the receiver more enhanced and satisfactory.

Lingam Massage

Close-up of a man receiving shoulder massage

Primarily speaking about Lingam Massage, this was originated in India in which the word “Lingam” is a Sanskrit word which stands for “Wand of Light” and in Tantra it stands for “Male Sexual Organ”. This is a man’s massage, which stimulates pleasure and spiritual excitement through man’s prostate pressure point.

The main goal of this massage is to stimulate an immense pleasure and relaxation through his lingam. It produces positive aspects to men’s who have destructive feeling about their sexual capabilities and for those who had a terrific trauma experience.  This massage mainly concentrates on male sex glands like testicles, perineum, etc,. The man who gets this massage experiences a tremendous pleasure which he has not been sensed before.

Tantric Massage


Tantric Massage is an oldest and perhaps a well-known massage, which has been in practice for about thousand years since to achieve physical health as well as to bring in a harmonious relationship between couples. The moment, when the person identifies his whole-self, he/she will enter to a new sensual world which gives him/her an unbelievable pleasure and peace. This new sensual experience can be raised to sense spiritual euphoria through this massage. A continuous practice of this massage will open up the Chakra’s found on the spine, align them properly which detoxifies the whole body turn it to a lighter and meditative one.

Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage, as the name suggest, it is an intimate massage that brings in sexual arousal in male by female masseuse through various rubs, kneads. One can find a longstanding record of various benefits that could be achieved through these erotic massage therapies. This is generally used as a tool to enhance the potential energy inside a male body and thereby help him to have control over his sexual behavior. This erotic massage mainly focuses on male’s genital parts. At the end of this massage, the male client will experience an exhilarating intimacy which he hasn’t witnessed before in his life.


Outcall Massage


When a person utilizes these outcall massage services on a routine process, he is sure to enjoy the below said benefits,

  • First and foremost do not have to worry about hidden cameras’ or the surroundings
  • Enhances blood and oxygen circulation all over the body
  • Minimized blood pressure and stimulates flexibility of body and mind
  • Enhances rehabilitation after trauma or surgery.
  • Unwinds muscles and bones
  • Relieves tension and agony in one’s body