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Outcall Massage Services with the Tantra touch For Appointment please call: +65 8168 4777 or email us at Open 24 hours daily
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Full Body Massage

Literally speaking, a Full body massage is one of the most significant massages in spa world, which generally acts as a natural healer to all people and could cure your prolonged agony and perhaps bring peace to entire body via …
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Lingam Massage

Primarily speaking about Lingam Massage, this was originated in India in which the word “Lingam” is a Sanskrit word which stands for “Wand of Light” and in Tantra it stands for “Male Sexual Organ”. This is a manhood massage, which …
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Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is an oldest and perhaps a well-known massage, which has been in practice for about thousand years since to achieve physical health as well as to bring in a harmonious relationship between couples. The moment, when the person …

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Erotic Massage

Erotic massage, as the name suggest, it is an intimate massage that brings in sexual excitement to people who live together as couples. One can find a longstanding record of various benefits that could…
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Yoni Massage

When we speak about Yoni massage, “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word which literally means a “Sacred Space or a Temple”, but when it comes to Tantra, the word “Yoni Massage” stands for “Vaginal Massage” …
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Sliding Body Massage

We work very hard but end up feeling like a mule at the day’s end. We want a few moment of bliss, we want to break free and we want to be liberated from our earthly troubles. But we do …

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So, are you a person, who wants to know what does a massage do to you and what kind of excitements can be achieved from these massages. Well you are at the right place; here is the answer for all of your queries.


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