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The Lollipop Massage Singapore is simply out of this world. You get to relax your tired body, stressed nerves, the never resting senses and most importantly your mind. The gloomy feeling from your mind will be wiped out and you will be all energetic again. You will be inspired to do well in your personal and professional life.
The Lollipop Massage Singapore consists of a variety of different massages that ranges from the lingam massage, yoni massage, tantra massage, tantric massage and much more.
You will get your massage done by our sweet charming masseur. Seeing our masseurs will make you feel like a child lost in a candy store. Your mind and body will be rejuvenated. Your mood elevated.
Come and feel the difference, get rid of your stress and feel the ecstasy.
Experience here, what is enjoyed in heaven.
* ‘Moksh’ is Sanskrit which literally mean “release” or “to let loose” or “to let go”
* ‘Tantra’ literally means the body (tan) and liberation (tra)

We work very hard but end up feeling like a mule at the day’s end. We want a few moment of bliss, we want to break free and we want to be liberated from our earthly troubles. But we do not wish to perform penance in some remote forest. We need not have to.
Whether you are in Singapore or coming to Singapore, contact us to get that moment of ‘Moksh’ with our Great Lollipop Massage. We treat humans like the gods and damsels of heaven.
Our Massages are not derived from any earthly practices. They are based on the ‘Kama sutra’ which is a divine text given to us by the gods thousands of years back during the Vedic period. This sutra became an inspiration for various art forms and literature. Here massages were given to the gods by the heavenly damsels. It is not about sense gratification by physical pleasure but pleasure of the mind along with a glimpse of spiritual bliss. It is said that after the incidences mentioned in this text, ‘Brahma’ the creator of the material world had come into a passionate mood, where he decide to expand the boundaries of the universe and have more demigods and man.